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HopePodz™  Disinfectant Kit | 3-pack
HopePodz™  Disinfectant Kit | 3-pack
HopePodz™  Disinfectant Kit | 3-pack
Getting Started with HopePodz is easy. Just grab an empty spray bottle, give it a rinse, drop a HopePodz in and fill with water. Now replace the spray nozzle. HopePodz: Saving the world from single-use plastic—one Pod at a time
Every HopePodz you use saves another plastic bottle from landfill

HopePodz™ Disinfectant Kit | 3-pack


Includes one Disinfectant Podz, and two Multi-Surface Cleaner Podz—makes three 32oz (946mL) sprayer bottles for a 1-2 punch against bacteria!

Just add water! HopePodz transform into liquid cleaning solutions like the ones you know and love.

  • Disinfectant Kills 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner prepares and finishes all your non-porous surfaces
  • Zero waste!
  • Drop one pod into an empty spray bottle and mix with water
  • Works exactly like more costly conventional disinfectants and cleaners
  • Disinfect all your non-porous surfaces while you clean
  • Do your part to reduce single-use plastic consumption
  • Delivered right to your door!