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A Father's Day Tribute to my Dad

The Hope family is featured in “The Recital” — an award-winning ad that has captured the attention of 20+ million global viewers. Grab a tissue (you’ll need it) and scroll down for Lauren's behind-the-scenes scoop.

How’d your family get picked?

Lauren: It was shot 5 years ago. My dance teacher told me about the audition, and I guess they liked us! For a few days, camera crews followed us around as we went about our lives. What my family didn’t know was that my dad and I had a secret hip-hop dance we were going to perform for my mom.

Was your dad freaking out?

Lauren: 100%! He had never danced before, let alone on stage, in front of 1,200 people and cameras. Plus, keeping a secret from my mom was near impossible since they do everything together.

Was your mom surprised?

Lauren: Yes and no. At the audition, the director told my mom they would be filming a “documentary-style” commercial following our family's busy life (this way she wouldn’t suspect anything). When the camera crew came and filmed scenes in our kitchen, everything seemed pretty normal.

At the recital, my mom was mic’d and had cameras on her. The crew wanted to create some drama to get my dad out of line to prepare for our secret dance. So they came up with this elaborate story. They pulled my mom aside to tell her they needed my dad to drive back home to pick up a costume I'd forgotten.

That's when my mom had a feeling that “something was up” (I’m not usually one to forget things). My mom later says that she didn't need the made-up chaos to cry on cue: seeing me on stage is always enough to get the tears rolling.

Your dad’s message is so hopeful!

Lauren: Yes, that’s what I think is the most amazing part of the commercial! It was completely unscripted. The director asked questions and my mom & dad just answered.

My dad always talks about how, in the blink of an eye, us three kids will be all grown up, going off to college, and starting our lives. He wants to make sure that this time counts. Five years later, it's still a very hopeful message, which is why I think he still cries.

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