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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is plastic such a pressing issue today?

Plastic was made to last forever. Experts emphasize the importance of reduce, reuse then recycle plastic (in that order!) to limit its negative impact. That's where HopePodz house-cleaners come in. Instead of buying new liquid house cleaners at the store, reuse your empty plastic bottles by refilling them with HopePodz. Here are some sobering facts that keep us up at night:

  • - Recycling experts tell us that on average, only 9% of the plastics we toss in the bin actually gets recycled. There are cities, however, who are doing great jobs at diverting their discards from local landfills. These cities are mainly on the West Coast and have laws mandating tough waste diversion quotas.
  • - Still every year, over 2.5+ BILLION plastic house-cleaner bottles end up in landfills and oceans. They will take 500+ years to decompose.
  • - Instead of biodegrading, plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, never fully going away.
  • - Toxic chemicals from single-use plastic in our landfills leach into groundwater and other waterways — eventually making its way back into the food we eat and the water we drink. This exposure has been connected to cancer, birth defects and many other ailments.
  • - Plastic pollution is extremely harmful to marine life who accidentally consume or get tangled up in our trash.
  • - When countries illegally burn plastic waste (which is often our exported plastic scraps), the toxic fumes can lead to respiratory illness.

How do I dissolve HopePodz™?

  1. 1) Drop 💧a HopePodz refill into an empty spray bottle.
  2. - First rinse your old bottle to remove any residue of its previous contents. Do not mix chemicals.
  3. - Make sure your hands are dry when handling the refills. We prefer them to dissolve in the spray bottle, not your hands!
  5. 2) Refill 🚰bottle with tap water. Hard or soft water, it doesn't matter.
  6. - HopePodz are designed to be diluted in any bottle between 26 oz (768 mL) and 32 oz (946 mL).
  8. 3) Swish ♒and get cleaning! Don't forget to affix the HopePodz bottle label to show you saved that bottle from landfill!


Store your HopePodz out of reach of children in (ideally) an air tight container. The pods have a shelf life of 2 years. Still, they tend to harden a bit when exposed to air. Don't worry if yours do harden, though — the refills will still dissolve & work just as well as their more supple selves.

Do HopePodz actually work?

HopePodz are certified by 3rd party labs to perform just like the regular, liquid-heavy house-cleaners you're likely using now (and tossing into recycling) 🌎HopePodz are Eco-Certified safe to clean all non-porous surfaces, including: varnished hardwood, glazed ceramic tiles, sealed natural stone & marble, laminate, vinyl and linoleum.

Today, janitors across the country are using our pod cleaning formulas to professionally clean office buildings, malls and health care facilities. We're excited to be the first to launch this pro-planet, professional cleaning formula to the home market.

HopePodz are Eco-Certified. What does that mean?

  • The commercial version of our pods (same exact pods, just sold under a different private label) has been certified by an independent eco-label organization to be: non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable and have been tested for performance 🌎 Sadly, the eco-label org has forbidden us to mention its name in our marketing and in our product descriptions — until we pay them a hefty licensing fee ($$$), which as a start-up, we can't afford (YET). We look forward to one day recognizing the eco-label org by name because its eco-certification is HUGE in our industry with too many false claims.

What are the ingredients?

The pouch that encases the pods looks like it's plastic, but it's not! It's made out of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) — which is non-toxic, biodegradable & fully dissolves in water. Just drop the pod, PVA-casing-and-all, into an empty bottle and refill with water. No plastic anywhere.

HopePodz Cleaning Formulas: Glass, Bathroom & Multi-Surface:

- Ethoxylated alcohols C9-C11 blend
- Hexylene glycol
- Propylene glycol
- Water
- Synthetic fragrance (lavender)*
- dye

*While the lavender scent is very mild, HopePodz are not suitable for individuals with scent sensitivities. There are no scent-free, dye-free formula options yet. These are on the manufacturer's product dev radar, along with a plant-based formula! Stay tuned.

The commercial version of our house-cleaner pods have been certified by an independent eco-label organization ( The eco-certification means the pods are certified to be: non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable and have been tested for performance 🌎

HopePodz Disinfectant formula contains:

- Octyl decyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 15.24% W/W
- Dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 7.62% W/W
- Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 7.62% W/W
- Alkyl (50% C14, 40% C12, 10% C16)
- Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 20.32% W/W
- Alcohol (C11) Ethoxylate
- Hexylene Glycol
- Ethanol
- water
- synthetic fragrance*
- dye

* While the scent is very mild, HopePodz may not suitable for individuals with scent sensitivities.

What about your carbon & plastic footprints?

We're doing everything we can to minimize our plastic footprint. Which is not easy these days because sadly, plastic is everywhere!

- We mail (by Canada Post) the pods in small, recyclable cardboard boxes with no bubble wrap or plastic packaging.

- To help offset the plastic consumption (and carbon emissions) that undoubtedly occur up to & during the manufacturing process, we'll be introducing a carbon offset program in 2020 🌳 💚

- The label stickers you get with your first order are made of polyvinyl chloride, PVC and plastic #3 — all of which ARE recyclable and can be melted down and repurposed 💚Our hope is that both plastic bottle (& its label sticker) will be reused, not thrown in your curb-side bin 👍As well, when you repeat your HopePodz order, we'll only send you more label stickers when you tell us to.

We're also doing everything we can to minimize our carbon footprint.

- HopePodz are 300X lighter than liquid-heavy house-cleaners (like Windex). Which means there will be fewer carbon-spitting 18-wheelers — needed to transport fewer plastic-wrapped skids of single-use plastic, liquid-heavy house-cleaners — to supermarkets and big box stores around the country.

- As mentioned above, we're excited to be introducing a carbon offset program in 2020 🌳 💚

- Please consider subscribing to help us further reduce our CO2 footprint. We'll bundle HopePodz shipments going your way to reduce trips and emissions even more.

- For those who prefer to shop locally, we're working hard to get HopePodz into eco-friendly stores in your community. If you're interested in carrying HopePodz in your store, email us at for wholesale pricing.

I can't afford to use green products. How much does HopePodz cost?

As young eco-warriors living on shoe string budgets ourselves, we get it. We've only recently launched HopePodz and so we don't have the same volumes (yet!) as the big-retail-brands (you know who they are!) & many eco-friendly cleaners. As we grow, we'll save on advertising, shipping, packaging & can transfer those savings on.

For now, we can deliver HopePodz to you for 30% less when you subscribe and tell all your friends! 💚

Most of our subscribers repeat their 3-pack @ $13.99 every 4 months, which works out to $3.50/month (= a Starbucks ☕!). Choose the delivery frequency that works best for you (choose every 1-8 months) 🌎 and cancel anytime 👍🏻 No hassles, lock-in contracts, minimum orders or BS. Unsure how fast you'll go through a bottle of cleaning solution? Start by choosing one frequency and then visit us online to modify anytime. We'll automatically charge your card when we process your order, and aim to deliver to your door by Canada Post within 3-7 business days.

Love HopePodz! Do you have corporate and wholesale accounts?

Yessssss! Chances are, much of the swag you're giving clients — or selling at your store if you're a retailer — will eventually end up at a local thrift shop or in landfill. Instead, we hope you'll give the planet-friendly gift of HopePodz! 💚For minimum orders of 1K+, we'll have our talented design team here customize the bottle labels to reflect your company's branding. Please reach out to us to set up a corporate or wholesale account:

What if we don't like your product?

Don't sweat, we've got you covered with our 100%, 30-day money back guarantee. That means if you're not 100% satisfied with our products, send them back to us within 30 days and we'll refund your hard earned cash.

Are HopePodz safe in homes with children and pets?

Yes! HopePodz are Eco-Certified to be non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Still! The packaging is not child proof. As with all cleaners, HopePodz should be kept out of reach of children & pets and should not be ingested. The pods do contain a non-toxic and extremely bitter flavour additive to help prevent swallowing if the pod or the diluted solution is accidentally put in the mouth 🌎Once the refills have dissolved into the cleaning solution, they're safe to use in your home or office. For more detailed safety & handling information, refer to the following Safety Sheets:

HopePodz™ Bathroom Cleaner Safety Sheet

HopePodz™ Glass Cleaner Safety Sheet

HopePodz™ Multi-Surface Cleaner Safety Sheet

HopePodz™ Disinfectant Safety Sheet

You Planet Hopers sure look young. Do you have the experience to pull-off a project as big as this?

We're a youthFUL-led organization. So, in terms of experience, YES we do have what it takes, thanks to...

- Our senior management team is made up of world-class entrepreneurs, business people and marketers (our parents!) with decades of experience at the highest levels of business. Together, this diverse group of professionals has outstanding credentials to deliver a project like HopePodz.

- We've teamed up with one of the largest manufacturers of commercial cleaning products (our parents' friends!). They currently manufacture for A LOT of big-name brands and have confirmed that they have capacity to deliver our products on time and on budget.

- Last, our Co-Founder Matthew Hope's family has invested ALL of his university tuition into this project. None of us are getting a cent of that money until the company starts to turn a profit. Safe to say, we've all got a lot of skin in the game. Especially Matthew, who dropped out of university to devote his entrepreneurial energy and mental health into We Are Planet Hope's success.

Interested in wholesale pricing! Let's talk! Please email us at