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Stop Buying More Plastic Bottles!

REUSE the ones you've got. REFILL with HopePodz. Just add water!

Meet your fellow Planet Hopers👇

“BRILLIANT CONCEPT! I absolutely love this product! Works as advertised, fully compostable packaging, reduces the need for disposable plastics. WIN WIN WIN! So happy I stumbled upon this visionary young company. Well done Team Planet Hope!!”


“LOVE! I just received my order and I'm in love!!!”

JoJo C

“CANADIAN TOO! Love that they're Canadian, and great for the planet. Win Win!”

Cat M

“A REALLY COOL PRODUCT! If you like lava lamps you will love watching this dissolve. That was the coolest thing I've seen.”

Christina L

“GOOD IDEA! Just ordered the trio pac with a disinfectant. This is such a good idea😃”

Selena D

“SUPER FAST, WORKS WELL TOO! Received my order (very quickly)!! I purchased the variety 3 pack. This is a fantastic product. I'm sooo on board. Thank you!”

Lindsay M