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Your empty plastic bottle likely DOES NOT get recycled

2.5+ BILLION plastic cleaning
bottles get tossed yearly.

Only NINE PERCENT get recycled.

Your empty plastic bottle might be in landfill

It will take 500+

years to decompose.

Your empty plastic bottle might be in Malaysia

Last year, 157K containers of plastic waste were shipped to countries that can’t recycle.

Your empty plastic bottle might be floating in the ocean

12.7M tons of plastic get dumped in oceans every year.

Your empty plastic bottle might be making people sick

Toxic fumes from
burning plastic waste cause respiratory illness.

Meet your fellow Planet Hopers👇

“Love HopePodz - I'm never going back to bottles! I used to feel terrible about how much plastic I was throwing away. Your packaging is amazing. And the refills clean great too!

Amir N

I want to clean green but can't usually afford to. Until HopePodz. Now, I keep a HopePodz spray bottle in my bathroom & give the counters a quick wipe every morning.

Alison B

I subscribed to get a Trio Pack each month so I never run out. If I have extras, I gift the cute pizza box to family or friends. A practical HOPEFUL gift that's good for the planet.

Priya D

Super cool Eco-Refills. Very satisfied with HopePodz. Good cleaning performance. Convenient, saves space and rewarding to be helping environment. Proud to be part of the Planet Hope movement!

Martha K

Easy & Light Weight. I live in a small RV so weight and space is important. The refills dilute in about a minute (kind of cool to watch) and are so planet-friendly. No more landfill for me.

Craig S

This is amazing! Especially for those who want to be more natural and eco-friendly, but don't want to make their own. Such a neat idea! Way to go!

Brittany Lynn R.