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Your empty plastic bottle likely DOES NOT get recycled

2.5+ BILLION plastic cleaning
bottles get tossed yearly.

Only NINE PERCENT get recycled.

Your empty plastic bottle might be in landfill

It will take 500+

years to decompose.

Your empty plastic bottle might be in Malaysia

Last year, 157K containers of plastic waste were shipped to countries that can’t recycle.

Your empty plastic bottle might be floating in the ocean

12.7M tons of plastic get dumped in oceans every year.

Your empty plastic bottle might be making people sick

Toxic fumes from
burning plastic waste cause respiratory illness.

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“BRILLIANT CONCEPT! I absolutely love this product! Works as advertised, fully compostable packaging, reduces the need for disposable plastics. WIN WIN WIN! So happy I stumbled upon this visionary young company. Well done Team Planet Hope!!”


“LOVE! I just received my order and I'm in love!!!”

JoJo C

“CANADIAN TOO! Love that they're Canadian, and great for the planet. Win Win!”

Cat M

“A REALLY COOL PRODUCT! If you like lava lamps you will love watching this dissolve. That was the coolest thing I've seen.”

Christina L

“GOOD IDEA! Just ordered the trio pac with a disinfectant. This is such a good idea😃”

Selena D

“SUPER FAST, WORKS WELL TOO! Received my order (very quickly)!! I purchased the variety 3 pack. This is a fantastic product. I'm sooo on board. Thank you!”

Lindsay M