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Pods vs Tablets: Which Cleaners Are Better?

Run out of foaming hand soap?

Think again before tossing the empty plastic bottle into your recycle bin.

Only 9% of the empty plastic bottles we put in our blue bin for recycling—actually gets recycled.

Recycling costs too much and takes too long. So off to landfill goes ~2.5 BILLION plastic cleaner bottles. EVERY YEAR!

NOW’s the time to switch to zero-plastic, just-add-water cleaning products.

Pods or tablets? You decide!

Podz = Make MORE

1 pod = 750mL to 1L of cleaning solution

Tabs = Make LESS

1 tablet = 600mL of cleaning solution

Podz = Powerful Cleaner

The pod's active ingredients (emulsifiers, surfactants, degreasers) make up 100% of the pod

  • Dissolves Fast
  • Powerful
  • Used By Professionals

Tabs = DIY Cleaner

Only 3/13 of a well-known tablet’s ingredients are active. The rest (10/13) makes sure the tablet doesn't crumble & dissolves in H20

  • Dissolves Slower
  • Watery
  • Weak

Podz = Green Seal Certified

Our cleaners are certified to be non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, 100% biodegradable, cruelty-free & safe for aquatic life

  • Planet-Friendly Chemical Solutions
  • Plastic-Free Packaging
  • Performance Certified

Tabs = NOT Certified

Tablets have good health & environmental characteristics vs retail cleaners. However, most don’t have what it takes to be Green Seal Certified:

  • Foil-Lined Packaging
  • Not Performance Certified

Podz = ZERO Plastic

The pods’ casing is made out of Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) which completely dissolves in water

  • A recent scientific study proves that PVA does NOT meet the definition of micro-plastics. Read the full report.

Tabs = Foil-Lined Wrappers

Tablets are often packaged in plastic pouches or foil-lined wrappers claiming to be compostable

  • There are no CDN Municipal Waste Centres with facilities to compost these materials


We’re all about empowering Canadians to REUSE/REFILL their existing empty plastic bottles

  • Together, we’ve saved 65K+ plastic bottles from ending up forever in landfill

Tabs = ⬆️ Plastic Bottles

Some tablet companies push EVEN MORE designer plastic bottles to be refilled with their product.

  • Designer bottles often leak/break & add to the Planet's landfill problem


Podz = 🇨🇦

The Hope family is Canadian. Just 5 of us. Every day, we head into our parents’ basement to hand-pack your Podz into tiny, recyclable boxes. We avoid factory-packed wrappers because they get diverted to landfill 90% of the time

  • CDN$ + HST
  • Canada Post Lettermail

Tabs = 🇺🇸 🇨🇳

Tablet companies often ship their 1st orders WITH 3 designer plastic bottles. This REALLY increases carbon footprint. Especially when plastic bottles are made in China, shipped to the US, then exported into Canada (along with the tablets)

  • US$ + Duties
  • Barge, Plane, Train, Freight

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