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Planet Hoper Spotlight | Mellis Chocolate

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. We caught up with Mellis Chocolates — a local Toronto chocolatier & Planet Hoper — to learn more about their beautiful, delicious-tasting works of HOPE!

Morgan: Why does chocolate put hope in our hearts on Valentine’s Day?

Mellis Chocolates: Valentine’s Day is definitely one of our busiest times of year! I read somewhere that chocolate is an edible declaration of hope & love. That’s how we see it too. We're excited to join you in a HopePodz & Chocolate mash-up! Reducing plastic and showing love for the planet has never tasted so good 🌎 ❤️ 😍

Morgan: How did Mellis Chocolates get started in the chocolate industry?

Mellis Chocolates: We have professional backgrounds in pastry and cuisine. After being introduced into the world of chocolatiers and chocolate making, we’ve been fascinated with the realm of possibilities of chocolate, and all that it offers as both an art and science.

Morgan: What inspires you most when you’re creating your chocolate masterpieces?

Mellis Chocolates: For us, the little details matter as much as the larger inspirations. We love to riff on tried and true flavours with a grounded approach – although we do have fun with special projects, like making chocolate Baby Yoda’s!

Morgan: How has starting a small business during COVID affected how you run your shop?

Mellis Chocolates: With the constant restrictions and local market cancellations, we’ve had to build an online presence and find other sales channels to stay afloat. There’s been so much positive feedback, and we’ve found it's best for us to maintain that positive energy by continuing to develop new products to make our customers smile!

Morgan: What’s your favourite chocolate that you’ve ever made?

Mellis Chocolates: With bonbons, our personal favourites are lemon meringue and blueberry speculoos, but we’re currently creating some amazing natural chocolate bars, so stay tuned for those!

Morgan: What's your favourite HopePodz house-cleaner to use around your kitchen?

Mellis Chocolates: I love the Diskit! With the Valentine’s rush there's been a lot more to clean up – it’s perfect for those sticky chocolate messes.

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