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Run out of foaming hand soap?

Think again before tossing the empty plastic bottle into your recycle bin.

Only 9% of the empty plastic bottles we put in our blue bin for recycling—actually gets recycled.

Recycling costs too much and takes too long. So off to landfill goes ~2.5 BILLION plastic cleaner bottles. EVERY YEAR!

NOW’s the time to switch to zero-plastic, just-add-water cleaning products.

Pods or tablets? You decide!

Reason 1

Podz Make MORE

1 pod = 750mL to 1L of cleaning solution

Tabs Make LESS

1 tablet = 600mL of cleaning solution

Reason 2

Podz = Powerful Cleaner

The pod's active ingredients (emulsifiers, surfactants, degreasers) make up 100% of the pod

• Dissolves Fast

• Powerful

• Used By Professionals


Tabs = DIY Cleaner

Only 3/13 of a well-known tablet’s ingredients are active. The rest (10/13) makes sure the tablet doesn't crumble & dissolves in H20

• Dissolves Slower

• Watery

• Weak

Reason 3

Podz = Green Seal Certified

Our cleaners are certified to be non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, 100% biodegradable, cruelty-free & safe for aquatic life

• Planet-Friendly Chemical Solutions

• Plastic-Free Packaging

• Performance Certified

Tabs = NOT Certified

Tablets have good health & environmental characteristics vs retail cleaners. However, most don’t have what it takes to be Green Seal Certified:

• Foil-Lined Packaging

• Not Performance Certified

Reason 4

Podz = ZERO Plastic

The pods’ casing is made out of Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) which completely dissolves in water

• A recent scientific study proves that PVA does NOT meet the definition of micro-plastics. Read the full report.

Tabs = Foil-Lined Wrappers

Tablets are often packaged in plastic pouches or foil-lined wrappers claiming to be compostable

• There are no CDN Municipal Waste Centres with facilities to compost these materials

Reason 5


We’re all about empowering Canadians to REUSE/REFILL their existing empty plastic bottles

  • • Together, we’ve saved 65K+ plastic bottles from ending up forever in landfill

Tabs = ⬆️ Plastic Bottles

Some tablet companies push EVEN MORE designer plastic bottles to be refilled with their product.

  • • Designer bottles often leak/break & add to the Planet's landfill problem


Reason 6

Podz = 🇨🇦

The Hope family is Canadian. Just 5 of us. Every day, we head into our parents’ basement to hand-pack your Podz into tiny, recyclable boxes. We avoid factory-packed wrappers because they get diverted to landfill 90% of the time

• CDN$ + HST

• Canada Post Lettermail

Tabs = 🇺🇸 🇨🇳

Tablet companies often ship their 1st orders WITH 3 designer plastic bottles. This REALLY increases carbon footprint. Especially when plastic bottles are made in China, shipped to the US, then exported into Canada (along with the tablets)

• US$ + Duties

• Barge, Plane, Train, Freight

We’re the only refill that doesn’t come with or in a plastic bottle or wrapper. Cleans great too!

Start Refilling Your Empty Plastic Bottles…

HopePodz TrioPac Starter Kit
Bathroom, Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaners

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HopePodz Foaming Hand Soap
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Pumpz & Podz Starter Kit
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What are people saying about HopePodz?

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“LOVE everything about these little Podz! Washes great. Minimal packaging. Zero plastic. Canadian made. Young people leading the way...

- Betty G | August 2021

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I was so excited to empty out my old bottles, fill them with water & pop in the Podz. It was so easy! The stickers go on well, the products smell great, and they clean well too.

- Amy | July 2021

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“These little pods are genius, convenient and affordable! What an awesome idea to cut down on waste and how can you say no when they are delivered to your door and cost less than buying new bottles (wasteful!) from the store. GREAT WORK PLANET HOPE! I will forever be a subscriber"

- Mandy D | August 2021

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Got my HopePodz. Feel like I may actually be making a difference in this world for my kids and future generations”

- Squishy_Mctushy | Feb 2021