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Are HopePodz “Forbidden Freezies”?

Over the last month, we’ve received 20+ comments about how HopePodz look good enough to eat! Let’s clear this up...

Fact #1: HopePodz are NOT Freezies

To be clear: HopePodz are household cleaners, not FREEZIES!! Like all cleaners, HopePodz should be kept out of reach of children & pets, preferably in an airtight container (like an empty jar).

Also, HopePodz do not belong in the freezer like freezies do. You should NEVER EVER EAT HopePodz — or any cleaning product for that matter. Otherwise Darwin will get you...

Fact #2: Cleaning Pods can be Toxic

Not HopePodz! Our Glass, Bathroom, and Multi-Surface cleaners’ ingredients are eco-certified to be non-toxic.

Still, don’t eat them! The Podz being non-toxic means if you accidentally do eat them, our chemicals (especially when diluted with water) are not as harmful as laundry detergent pods which contain a highly toxic mix of ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, and polymers.

Depending on how much of the concentrate is swallowed, symptoms go away after a few hours in most cases — but they could also land you in the hospital for several days or more.

Fact #3: Our Podz do not look edible

Once you open the package, you'll see:

  • HopePodz are flimsy & small: The refills are designed to fit into the narrow openings of plastic spray bottles. The pod is about the size of your index finger, a size that would be pretty disappointing for an actual freeze-pop.
  • HopePodz are dull:  Our Podz don't look, well, appetizing. The photography lights we use make the colours pop (for clarity!). The Podz colours help distinguish the cleaning products so you don’t clean soap scum (green pod) with glass cleaner (blue pod).

Fact #4: Podz are packaged with safety in mind

The following steps have been taken to keep little ones safe...

  • HopePodz taste disgusting (on purpose!): If a pod were to make its way into your mouth, you would have to spit it out. That's because HopePodz contains a non-toxic and extremely bitter additive that prevents swallowing.
  • Minimalist packaging: The HopePodz box is plain, opaque, and safety-sealed. There isn’t even a photo of the pod on the box! Kids won't mistake the Podz for freezies if they don't know the Podz are inside in the box in the first place. So please, please — keep HopePodz out of reach of children (and pets!) as you would your other cleaning products.
  • Safety warnings: Our packaging and inserts clearly state DO NOT EAT. And, if accidentally ingested, we have safety sheets available online for poison control.  

Fact #5: This is not the #TidePodChallenge

About 5 years ago, influencers on social media started a trend: eating TidePods. Videos went viral showing young people cooking up their TidePods in frying pans, eating them, and then opening their mouths to show off the suds.

The results? Not good.

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, 39 people (aged 13-19) were treated for intentionally ingesting TidePods in 2016; as well as 53 in 2017; and 39 in 2018. Many challengers landed in hospital with changes in blood pressure and heart rate, lost consciousness, or seizures. Some sadly died.

The safety steps implemented by Procter Gamble as a result of the TidePod Challenge are the very same best practices incorporated by HopePodz today to keep children & teenagers safe (see Fact #4).


Poison Control

You’d have to eat or inhale a LOT of cleaner pods to die. If you accidentally ingest HopePodz...

1. Do not try to induce vomiting. The very first thing you should do is swish your mouth with water and spit, then drink several cups of water or milk to dilute the cleaner. Remember, HopePodz are eco-certified to be non-toxic when diluted with water.

2. Call Poison Control immediately if your symptoms are mild or moderate. Be ready to share our Safety Sheet because they need to know the specific ingredients and concentration of the Podz to assess the situation.

3. If symptoms worsen or you have trouble breathing, go to the emergency room immediately.

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