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The Best Way To Clean Glass | With HopePodz

1. Why is my glass streaky?

If you're seeing streaks or haze, it is meaning you're using too much HopePodz Glass Cleaner! No worries. Just remove the haze by wiping down the surface with water and a dry cloth. And then...

2. How do I avoid streaks and haze when cleaning glass & windows?

As someone who uses this glass cleaner regularly, I promise you’ll only need to memorize this super-simple method for the cleaner to work perfectly. In fact, this is how professional commercial cleaners clean glass & mirrors. Ariel demonstrates these 3 steps in the how-to video above:

  1. Spray your cloth (not the glass) first
  2. Wipe an area of glass and then immediately...
  3. Turn the cloth over to the dry side and wipe


3. What makes HopePodz Glass Cleaner different?

Other cleaners use a harsh drying agent like ammonia. Not us! HopePodz glass cleaner is eco-certified because its formula uses alcohol as a drying additive. Alcohol means you’ll need much less product to clean your mirrors and windows, meaning one pod goes a long way 😎. Plus it's much better for the Planet than traditional ammonia-based glass cleaners you buy at the store.

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