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HopePodz Glass Cleaner Refills | 3-Pack


“Just got mine in the mail, amazing product. I will never buy bottles again!”  💚 Holly L, Planet Hoper since Dec 2019

Professional cleaners have trusted this ammonia-free product to get the job done; leaving windows and other glass items clean, clear and streak-free. 

HopePodz™ Glass Cleaner includes: 3 Glass refills. Just save 3 empty plastic bottles from your recycle bin — drop a pod into each one — and refill with tap water. It's as planet hopeful as that.

  • 3 Glass refills
  • Powerful, pro-cleaning formulas
  • Cleans all glass surfaces and mirrors
  • Removes streaks, smears, stains, dirt, dust, handprints
  • Eco-Certified: ammonia-free, zero-waste, plastic-free, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-carcinogenic
  • Comparably priced to retail liquid glass cleaners
  • Very light lavender fragrance
  • Drop 1 pod into empty spray bottle & refill with water
  • Saves 3 plastic bottles from landfill
  • Pod dilutes in any 16oz/473mL to 32oz/946mL bottle
  • First order includes 1 designer bottle label
  • Canada Post 🇨🇦

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