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4 Steps To Make Sure You Get Your Podz In Time For The Holidays

We’re ready for the holidays! How about you?...

It’s not long before the holidays are upon us, so we wanted to reach out to make sure you leave enough time to get great stuff at our lowest prices.

If you do plan on giving HopePodz this year to the eco-warriors on your list, now is the perfect time.

Check out our 4 Steps below to making sure you get your Podz in time for the holidays...

We ship mostly via Canada Post, but also major carriers, all of whom get a bit overwhelmed as we get closer to the holidays.
What To Do?
Using email, we're gently nudging you to shop early this year. Get your wish-list ready so you can act quickly when our Black Friday Sale hits. The best deals sell out quickly. This should leave enough time for your Podz to arrive at your door.
It’s no secret Canadians are feeling the pinch at the cash register. Inflation is a real concern. We’ve worked hard to keep our pricing stable and very competitive because we want to get our plastic-free products into as many homes as possible this holiday season! Less plastic is great for all of us. We want to help everyone do their part to reduce single-use plastic. Win-Win!
What To Do?
We’re in this together! That’s why this Black Friday, we’re offering our biggest discounts EVER. Along with fun, value-packed holiday bundles. You can see our bundles here. Black Friday pricing will start soon!
STEP 3: 🇨🇦 STICK WITH CANADA POST (where possible)
Canadians are now using Carbon Neutral Shipping when they send parcels via Canada Post’s ground services within Canada!
What To Do?
We’re doing what we can to keep all our zero-waste packaging to a basic $3 stamp. Do your part by buying Canadian & not importing more plastic bottles (in large, heavy boxes) from our American tablet friends.
Everyone’s running out of everything. From our little store’s perspective, we’ve been planning ahead for months now to make sure we have what YOU need — from Podz, and awesome Foaming Hand Soap Bottles, to HopeTowelz and TruEarth laundry strips, to designer bottle labels—all in recyclable, cardboard boxes….no plastic in sight!
What To Do?
Our Podz are packed & ready-to-go. Still, they’re selling out fast. Especially our Foaming Hand Soap. So please, shop early to make sure you get your Podz before we run out (again). We’d hate to disappoint the eco-warriors on your list.


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