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HopePodz TrioPac | $3.99 Switch


Calling all Canadians! 🇨🇦

🌿💙 What's even greener than recycling? REUSING your plastic bottles! 😜


The planet can't digest the 2.5 BILLION plastic bottles sent to landfill EVERY YEAR. Recycling costs too much and takes too long, so off to landfill it all goes.

Pretty frustrating, right? 😖

But wait, before tossing out those old cleaning bottles, let's REUSE them!

Enter HopePodz, Canada's first liquid, Green Seal Certified concentrate. No extra plastic—just pure cleaning power! ✨

🔄 STEP 1: REUSE your plastic bottles

🌱 STEP 2: DROP in a HopePodz refill

💦 STEP 3: REFILL with tap water

Smile! Together, we've saved 150K+ bottles from landfill!

And did we mention you're supporting a Canadian, student-led startup?? 🇨🇦 💗 


In the spirit of a fresh start — grab our HopePodz Starter TrioPac for just $5 + shipping (orig. $17.99). We want everyone to join the eco-cleaning revolution! 🌍🚀

Each TrioPac includes one each of Glass, Bathroom, and Multi-Surface Podz—makes a 32oz (946mL) spray bottle of each eco-friendly cleaner. 

Act fast, offer ends soon! 🕒🛒  #ReuseRevolution #HopePodzGreenClean #NewYearNewClean

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